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Re: Draft new DFSG - r1.4

On Fri, 27 Nov 1998, Ian Jackson wrote:

>  i. When distribution is made by public anonymous download, the
> licence restriction is satisfied if the source code is made available
> on the same site as the executable, at all times when the executable
> is available.

We don't actually assure that. We have binary-only mirrors, binary-only
CD's and we have binaries in the archive that do not have source for their
exact versions.

Allowing the license to insist that the source be avaible at the same site
is probably not very workable..

> 4. Documentation and other non-software works

> (a) None of the exceptions listed in this section apply to a work
> which is documentation for software.  Documentation for software is
> documentation to which a conscientious programmer would wish to make
> corresponding changes when they modify the software.

Perhaps clarify this, this refers to (I presume?) man pages for programs,
info pages for programs, etc but does it cover something like the gimp
tutorial (which arguably is an opinion about how to properly use the

I don't see an allowance for a derived document of a different name..
IE you might say 'Yes you can change RFC1111 but you must not call it
RFC1111 anymore'


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