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Re: Unidentified subject!

On Thu, Nov 26, 1998 at 11:21:58PM +1100, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> > What do you think about switching from Mbox to Maildir in Debian?
> > Maildir is Qmail's format of mailboxes which is far more reliable
> I don't mean to be rude, but what qmail does really isn't terribly
> relevant since it is not part of Debian.
> Tell us that exim, smail and sendmail support it (exim at least) and
> I'd be more interested.

exim speaks Maildir
procmail does too
smail and sendmail don't, but both can use procmail easily

I'd still like to see MDA's provide a wrapper which can be used in the same
manner with an alternatives entry to allow a sysadmin to easily choose the

Note that it should be possible to provide a shadow passwd type thing using
a couple of tools that could be reimplemented in sh or perl or something and
have the ability to switch between Maildir and mbox dependant on
maildir-utils or qmail...

If Phil Hands is willing, he and I could co-ordinate something that would
allow both packages to be installed, maybe even have maildir-utils provide
this function.  What do people think?  I still think this should not be a
question the user is asked but instead the admin has to read the docs for
the package and run a utility by hand to create the desired results..


Show me the code or get out of my way.

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