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Re: The time has come (part II) ...

Christian Meder wrote:
> Hi,
> just to bring you the latest news from the Sparc32 port ;-)
> Brian agreed that we will get a freeze on Sparc and therefore we will release 
> sid as Debian 2.1 on sparc. Up to now I took care only to upload packages 
> with sources taken from the frozen dist. So we are pretty much in line 
> with i386.

Very good news :-))

> There are three issues left which are critical for our (sparc) release:
> which kernel will we use as standard kernel ?
> 2.0.35 is pretty stable for me but it's not completely stable because the 
> virtual consoles die sometimes. 2.1.125 is much better but it has got the
> X logout crash problem.
> we need fresh bootfloppies. Eric will you work on the bootfloppies ?

Yes, yes, I'm working on :-)) I recompiled everything and I'm starting to test
a fresh install to see how it works (or not)...

About kernel, I will release the next bootdisks with 2.0.35.  Is it enough
reliable for *all* sparc workstations, or should I switch to 2.1 ?


PS: I hope I will be ready to upload bootdisks next monday evening.

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