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Re: Must the entire GPL be included?

*-Santiago Vila <sanvila@unex.es>
| On 25 Nov 1998, Ole J. Tetlie wrote:
| > I've bee in contact with the author of lwm (possibly the smallest
| > window manager on earth - beats wm2 and 9wm) about using the GPL.
| > He wants to do so, but the text of the GPL is almost as big as
| > the source, so he wants to put it under the GPL with only a short
| > notice about where the entire license can be found.
| > 
| > Is this possible?
| Maybe (I don't know), but what is the real gain, anyway?
| We already do not include the entire GPL in the binary .deb package, but 
| a reference to it instead, so the binary package would continue to be
| really small, as intended.

Oh, the .deb isn't a problem. I'm asking on behalf of the upstream
maintainer who doesn't want to increase the size of the source dist.

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