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Question on approprite use of kernel-package

Hi all,

I've got a quick question about an appropriate use for kernel-package. 
I maintain the ipportfw package, which requires a kernel patch in order
to work.  Currently, the patches sit in a lib dir with docs saying that
you need to patch the kernel.  I was looking through the kernel-package
docs and ran across the PATCH_THE_KERNEL stuff.

The question is: Would it be appropriate to put these patched into a
separate "kernel-patch-ipportfw" package for use with make-kpkg's
PATCH_THE_KERNEL?  I just wanted to make sure that you all thought it
would be appropriate to use a feature (which is currently considered to
be evolving) originally designed for architecture specific kernel
patches for something like this.

Brian                                brianb@{debian.org,mail.wsu.edu}
Debian Developer                                       www.debian.org
Lord High-Mucky-Muck, WSU Linux User's Group  www.eecs.wsu.edu/~linux

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