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URGENT! Please tame your beast!

Can you stop your local news server spewing every local message out onto
all the Debian mailing lists?

Here are the headers of one message; this was sent separately to every
one of the public Debian lists.

 Received: (qmail 10258 invoked by uid 38); 23 Nov 1998 18:08:48 -0000
 Resent-date: 23 Nov 1998 18:08:47 -0000
 Resent-cc: recipient list not shown: ;
 X-envelope-sender: news@dunajec.nowytarg.top.pl
 Message-id: <[🔎] Pine.LNX.3.96.981123175101.25813A-100000@zodiac2.mimuw.edu.pl>
 Organization: http://news.icm.edu.pl/
 Content-type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=ISO-8859-2
 Sender: news@dunajec.nowytarg.top.pl
 Fake-sender: debian@dunajec.nowytarg.top.pl
 References: <365fb14c.23129728@news.tpnet.pl>, <736kr5$8le$4@fu-berlin.de>, 
 Resent-message-id: <"ca_dDC.A.pfC.uSaW2"@murphy>
 Resent-from: debian-doc@lists.debian.org
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