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Re: glibc recompiling was Re: libc resolver problem solved (critical bug)

On Mon, 23 Nov 1998, Richard Braakman wrote:

> Hi... sorry for jumping into this thread so late; I've been recovering
> from SANE :)
> I checked dpkg, and it seems to me that only dselect will break when
> libc6 is upgraded:
> % nm -oDp usr/lib/libdpkg.so.0.0.0 usr/bin/dpkg usr/bin/dpkg-deb usr/bin/dpkg-split usr/bin/md5sum usr/bin/dselect sbin/start-stop-daemon | grep register_frame_info
> usr/bin/dselect:         U __deregister_frame_info
> usr/bin/dselect:         U __register_frame_info
> (The command-line for nm lists all ELF binaries in the dpkg package)
> dselect is the only program that requires __register_frame_info as a 
> dynamic symbol.  This is what I expected, since dselect is linked with
> libstdc++.
> The essential packaging tools (dpkg, dpkg-deb) will probably _not_ break
> when a fixed libc6 is installed.
> Dale, given this, do you think you can skip the Conflicts entries?
> Is it worthwhile to have this tested?
As dselect is delivered in the dpkg package, it still seems appropriate to
conflict with those packages. There are five effected dpkg's, all of which
will conflict with the new release of glibc. The older, and the newer
versions will run fine on all the existing libraries, even the "broken"


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