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Re: run-parts for /etc/profile?

On Thu, 19 Nov 1998, Marc Haber wrote:
>On Wed, 18 Nov 1998 16:11:55 -0500 (EST), you wrote:
>>Because it is Debian's policy for software to not rely on any specific
>>environment variables being set.
>Even if the Debian system itself won't need it, it would make life for
>admins a lot easier. We do like predefining environment variables for
>our users :-)
>>Besides, it is generally evil to go
>>mucking around in everyone's environment just because a new package was
>For new packages, yes, I am convinced - I was not aware of that
>particular rule in the policy.
>Nevertheless, I think having run-parts for profile would be a good
>thing [tm].

Of course the first thing you'll have to do is write a shell script for the
run-parts program (it's currently an ELF binary and therefore won't work for
setting shell variables).

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