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Re: glibc recompiling was Re: libc resolver problem solved (critical bug)

Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:

> The solution is to install the "fixed" version of the library and rebuild
> effected packages, but I can't do that on systems where dpkg will cease
> working, so the "fixed" library needs to conflict with those "offending"
> dpkg packages. I just need to know which those are.

It should be possible to ascertain this by looking at the changelog
for libc6 and dpkg.  This problem first occurred with the `u' series
of libc6, right?  That was compiled on Sep 19.  The next version of
dpkg was, compiled on Sep 21.  It's possible that that
version of dpkg wasn't yet compiled with a `u' libc6, but it's better
to be conservative.

So you should use
Conflicts: dpkg (>=, dpkg (<=


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