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Re: Possible screen problem... but where?

Gordon Russell <gor@dcs.napier.ac.uk> writes:

> Has anyone else noticed that now when you quit a curses-based program in
> an xterm tcsh window the screen is not currectly reset? Normally, your cursor
> position is restored to the line after the command you last typed (such as vi
> or mutt). Now it appears where ever it was when the application was terminated
> (like the middle of the screen). This means that I have to use ^L quite often
> to make sense of the screen.
> If noone has reported this, could someone suggest which package could be at
> fault? I am running an "unstable" distribution. I guess it is one of the curses
> libraries, and I have 3.4 and 4 installed.
> Thanks
> G.

Ha!  I found out how to fix the bug.
The problem can for the moment be fixed by doing the following:
1) Run 'infocmp xterm-debian > /tmp/xterm.tic'
2) Edit /tmp/xterm.tic and remove the '\E[1048h' and '\E[1048l'
portions of the smcup= and rmcup= sections.
3) As root, run 'tic /tmp/xterm.tic'

The problem is, I think, in xterm, although by these commands
you're changing a file in ncurses to work around it.  I'll be filing a 
bug against xterm soon to correct this.

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