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Re: Qt and other

You misunderstand me.  I know all of those things.  I was simply making an
observation as to ease of installing concerning redhat.  

I KNOW a new frontend is coming for Debian. I also know that Debian is
technologically superior.  Trust me, after I have patched a lot of lousy
redhat installations so that they work properly, I do not disagree.  I
just think that there are always things that could be improved upon.

As for Qt, I think that Harmony will be a better choice than Qt.  At
least, that is what I meant.

As to others' remark about my perhaps 'premature' critcism of discussing
Qt, I think I have been misuderstood also.  I think that talking is good,
but let's do more than talk.
Just my 2 cents, with no offense,
T.J. Duchene

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