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Re: debmake 3.5.16 (source all) uploaded to master

Santiago Vila wrote:
>    * debstd: According to policy, do not make postinst or postrm scripts to
>      tweak any configuration files in /etc.
>    * debstd(1): Document the change.

I just wonder how many packages this breaks. It's correct WRT policy, but is
it worth it if it breaks a great number of packages that might depend on
editing files in /etc? Seems to me it's be better to output copious warnings
when debstd does generate code to do bad things to conffiles, and let the
maingainers of each package that uses those features coordinate with the
maintainers of the packages that contain the conffiles to actually fix their

(BTW, remember to remove the .ex files from debmake that are no longer
supported by debstd).

see shy jo

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