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Re: packages needing new maintainer...

On Thu, 19 Nov, 1998, Enrique Zanardi wrote:
> As time is a scarce good, and boot-floppies is a greedy time-eater
> project, some of my packages get less attention than they deserve.
> So, I'm looking for someone to take care of them. (I'm not orphaning them
> yet, though. If nobody wants them, I'll keep maintaining them as well as
> I can). 
> None of them have critical, grave or important bugs outstanding.
> All of them are in "main". 
> The packages are:
> xfig, xfig-doc & transfig:
>  Several normal bugs. A lot of bugs filed against xfig are bugs in the
>  Xaw-alternative widget sets (NeXTaw, Xaw95, ...).

I'd like xfig and friends please. I find xfig a very useful package, I use 
it for doing my supply and demand diagrams in economics.

GNU does not eliminate all the world's problems, only some of them.
						-- The GNU Manifesto

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