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Re: Qt and other

On Thu, 19 November 1998 22:04:41 -0600, john@dhh.gt.org wrote:
> > If it is truly open source and compatible with the GPL, great!  If not
> > then, to hell with it, let's get on with working on other things.
> TT has released a *draft* license and asked for input.  Why not give it to
> them?  Perhaps the problems we perceive can be fixed.

Granted... yep.
But we are starting to make fools of ourselves in the eyes of rather many..
However strict Debian is in regard to policies and licenses (this is a
major plus of Debian) - now it is being said we are overdoing it... not only
a bit.

I adjusted my procmail filter since I do not have the time to read it, it
does not work. I wonder how so many of you find the time and appreciate it,
but talking is not everything and some like talking...

No offence meant, esp not to you!


to hell with int(h)el(l)
Alexander Koch - <>< - aka Efraim - PGP - 0xE7694969 - Hannover - Germany

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