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Re: Qt license change

> > That's kind of pointless since we couldn't, for example, let KDE
> > accompany Qt.

Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@debian.org> wrote:
> It's beginning to look (as if it didn't from the last time this thread came
> up) like you're nitpicking because you simply don't WANT Qt, KDE, or both to
> exist.

Nope, I'm fine with KDE as long as they license it properly.  [For that
matter, I was the one who proposed that they add an extra rider on the
GPL as a way of achieving this -- sometime around June].

I did make a mistake on my analysis of the license, and I do promise
I'll read it a few more times before posting anything further on
this subject.

> FWIW, the system library exception should not be what allows KDE in main.



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