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Re: debian binary diff system ?! script.

Kai Duebbert wrote:
> I hacked a bit around with your scripts and made this attached script. it takes
> two debs and generates a diff by comparing every single file and generating
> lots of deltas. files which are new in the new package are just copied over,
> dont know if we should run an xdelta over it as it already gets compressed by
> tar/gzip later....
> the compression is quite nice against the debs i tested it. about 40-50% gain.

I haven't done any tests yet, but it seems to me this method is unnecessary.
The reason it doesn't work ok on formal .debs is because they are
compressed. Just doing:

ar x file.deb
gunzip control.tar.gz
gunzip data.tar.gz

And running xdelta on the tar files, should be sufficient. Can you let me
know the set of packages you tested it on that got 40%?

see shy jo

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