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Re: X Installation

On Wed, 18 Nov 1998, David J Thompson wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> A few weeks ago I wrote in to ask for help in getting X to work for me.  I
> have since succeded in getting it to work, thanks to those that sent help
> via email, sorry that I never got back to you.
> Because of my experiencein getting it to work, I can only draw one
> conclusion:  Unless I was being *very* braindead in what I was doing, a
> fresh installation of XF86 as included in slink doesn't work.  This is
> as of -7.  I haven't seen -8 yet so I don't no if it works.  If this is
> the wrong list for this sort of thing, sorry; if this is already being
> discussed elsewhere, sorry.  I'm just concerned because we *are* suposed
> to be frozen right now and I haven't seen this problem dealt with.  We do
Typically things are less stable just after the freeze (developers rush to
get their packages in before they have to go into the new dist).  I know
Branden said that X was unstable when he uploaded it just prior to freeze.
It is being worked on, but if you have specific problems that you've
managed to solve I'm sure we'd like to hear about them.

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Definitely going to keep this one.
							- Tom

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