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Re: Unsatisfied dependencies

Previously Martin Bialasinski wrote:
> Maybe I am missing something, but these are packages located in
> non-free. Packages in contrib may depend on non-free packages.

Hmm, how silly of me. Here is a new list, same comments apply to non-US
packages as before.


                  ******* CHECKING MAIN *******
Checking Pre-Depends
Checking Depends
  aview: slang0.99.38
  bb: slang0.99.38
  debian-cd: unzip
  econfigedit: libgtk-imlib-perl (>= 0.3-3)
  gem: mesag2 (>= 2.6)
  glbiff: mesag2 (>= 2.6)
  gltt-bin: mesag2 (>= 2.6)
  gnurobots: libguile3 (>= 1:1.3-5)
  grmonitor: mesag2 (>= 2.6)
  gtop: libgtop1 (>= 0.26.2-3)
  jadetex: tetex-nonfree (>= 0.9.980803-1)
  libapache-mod-auth-sys: apache (<=1.3.1-99)
  libc6-doc21: libc6 (=2.0.95-980825-0.3)
  libfltk-dev: libstdc++2.8-dev (>=2.90.26-1)
  libjpeg-dev: libjpeg6b (=6b-1)
  moonlight: mesag2 (>= 2.6)
  most: slang0.99.38
  octave-plplot: plplot-tcl (>= 4.99j-5)
  paul: libgtk1 (>= 1:1.0.6-3)
  pcmcia-modules-2.0.33: pcmcia-cs (=3.0.5-5)
  pcmcia-modules-2.0.34: pcmcia-cs (=3.0.5-5)
  pcmcia-modules-2.0.35: pcmcia-cs (=3.0.5-5)
  ssystem: mesag2 (>= 2.6)
  svgalib1-altdev: svgalib1  (= 1:
  svgalibg1-dev: svgalibg1  (= 1:
  v-bin: mesag2 (>= 2.6)
  vrwave: jdk1.1-runtime | jdk-shared | jdk-static
  vrwave: unzip (>=5.20-3)
  vrwave: mesag2 (>= 2.6)
  yorick-dev: xdevel
Checking Recommends
  crypt++el: mailcrypt
  mutt: gnupg
  tguile1.3: libguile3-doc
Checking Suggests
  bbdb: w3-el
  bbdb: itimer
  cracklib-runtime: crack-dict
  cracklib2: crack-dict
  cracklib2-dev: crack-dict
  dict-wn: dict-web1913
  dpkg: developer-keyring
  dpkg-dev: gnupg
  dpkg-dev: developer-keyring
  elm-me+: pgp
  exmh: pgp
  fml: ish
  freewrl: xswallow
  fweb: ratfor77
  gnats-user: emacs
  gs: gs-pdfencrypt
  guavac: java-virtual-machine
  inn: pgp
  kbackup: pgp
  kbackup-doc: pgp
  kernel-doc-2.1.125: kernel-image-2.1.125
  librx1-altdev: rx1g-dev
  libsrp-dev: telnet98
  mutt: pgp | pgp5i
  rplay: xmp (>> 1.1.5)
  rsync: ssh
  sam: ssh
  tguile1.3: guile-goosh
  tguile1.3: guile-www
  tguile1.3: guile-rgx-ctax
  tguile1.3: libguile3-dev (= 1997.05.08-2)
  tm: pgp
  vrweb: Netscape | Mosaic
  zmailer: mail-user-agent
                  ******* CHECKING CONTRIB *******
Checking Pre-Depends
Checking Depends
  auto-pgp: pgp
  doom-musserver: doom (>= 1.10-11)
  icq-java: jdk1.1-runtime (>=1.1.4)
  konquest: kdelibs
  mailcrypt: pgp
  metro-motif-aout: xcompat (>= 3.1.2-4)
  mozilla-dmotif: metromotif
  pinepgp: pine
  pinepgp: pgp
  premail: pgp
  qtscape: qt1-snapshot (>= 1.39.19980414-1)
Checking Recommends
  debian-keyring: pgp
  debian-keyring: gnupg
Checking Suggests
  cup: java-compiler
  metro-motif-man: metro-motif-devel (2.0-1)
  netscape-base-4: browser-407
  roxen: web-browser
                  ******* CHECKING NON-FREE *******
Checking Pre-Depends
Checking Depends
  giflib-bin: giflib3g (= 3.0-5.2)
  giflib3g-dev: giflib3g (= 3.0-5.2)
Checking Recommends
Checking Suggests
  communicator-dmotif-406: communicator-spell-406
  communicator-dmotif-407: communicator-spell-407
  communicator-dmotif-45: communicator-spell-45
  communicator-smotif-406: communicator-spell-406
  communicator-smotif-407: communicator-spell-407
  communicator-smotif-45: communicator-spell-45
  gs-aladdin: gs-pdfencrypt
  navigator-dmotif-406: navigator-spellchk-406
  navigator-dmotif-407: navigator-spellchk-407
  navigator-dmotif-45: navigator-spellchk-45
  pine396-diffs: ncurses3.4-dev
  pine396-src: ncurses3.4-dev
  seyon: kermit

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