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CALLING JAMES TROUP: libgpmg1@packages.debian.org addy bad

James, I tried Cc:ing you about bug report #29188 by mailing
libgpmg1@packages.debian.org, but mail to there bounces.

Also, it seems there are currently *no* gpm packages in slink or
potato. What happened?

I need to recompile GIMP again because of all the ncurses 4.2
silliness, but I can't until I upgrade gpm, which seems to no longer
exist on any FTP archives I can find.


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Subject: Re: Bug#29188: Can't install GIMP from frozen
References: <36466776.30DAFB2B@tiac.net>
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>>>>> "Dan" == Dan Winkler <heydan@tiac.net> writes:


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