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Exim/fingerd annoyance

    OK, just tried a finger on my local machine and got the following
result.  Is it just me, or does the fact that fingerd showing off my
.forward file is a little, uhm, wrong?  Should I file a bug on this against
fingerd for doing it, or for Exim using .forward in such a manner.  Seems to
me that fingerd is the easier of the two to fix.

{morpheus@teleute:/home/morpheus}finger morpheus
Login: morpheus                         Name: Steve Lamb
Directory: /home/morpheus               Shell: /usr/bin/zsh
On since Sat Nov  7 21:53 (PST) on ttyp8 from teleute:1
   27 seconds idle
On since Sat Nov  7 21:58 (PST) on ttyp9 from teleute:1 (messages off)
Mail forwarded to # Exim filter

if $h_Subject: is "page" then 
  pipe "$home/bin/page"

if $h_To: contains "debian-devel@lists.debian.org" or
   $h_CC: contains "debian-devel@lists.debian.org" then
  save /home/morpheus/mail/debian-devel

if $h_To: contains "debian-user@lists.debian.org" or
   $h_CC: contains "debian-user@lists.debian.org" then
  save /home/morpheus/mail/debian-user

Mail last read Sat Nov  7 22:04 1998 (PST)
No Plan.

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    http://www.calweb.com/~morpheus    | employer's.  They hired me for my
             ICQ: 5107343              | skills and labor, not my opinions!

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