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Unidentified subject!

Hi there,
I'm a new subscriber of this ML and, to be honest, I subscribed it only to
let you know my idea...
As many of you surely know, there are many bugs/exploit in every
package/program and everyday we read about new stack overflow (last sshd).
You know too that there is a program (StackGuard) that could help in
keeping this trouble at a lower risk level but...looking at the stackguard
homepage, you see that only RedHat has been compiled and downloadable in
"stackguard protected binary".
It would be very nice to have the way to find .deb packages compiled with
I know...this could slow the system and possibly other side trouble
but...this is my opinion: avery maintainer could compile 2 version of the
same package: package.deb and package_sg.deb, so everyone can take the
version he prefer..
Is that a bad idea ? is it good ? 
Debian is the most sure (and up to date) distrib IMHO, let keep it this

PS: Sorry for my novice spaghetti english ;)

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