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Re: freezing powerpc and sparc

It's up to you guys.  I was told powerpc was ready except it needed kernel
2.1, which I okayed.

> > debian/powerpc at present:
> >  - has no X (until the new glibc is uploaded)
> debian/sparc at present:
> - has X albeit still slightly buggy but definitly usable, but we have to wait
> for the X revolution to settle down before we can try to rebuild a more
> recent version
> >  - is switching glibc versions by five
> true for sparc, too. But I'm using a 2.0.99 cvs snapshot which is a real
> improvement for sparc:
> * the ^Z problems with bash and other signal handling oddities (sparc
>   specific) are gone => we can run 2.1.x kernels on Debian/Sparc now
> * it has got a db1 interface
> * the exp function segfault (sparc specific) is fixed
> ...
> >  - has no working base tarball, let alone installer
> sparc has got a working but _very_ old installation set (to be updated)
> >  - has nothing approaching the set of packages it could given a little
> >    more time
> ditto for sparc. But I guess you could call it a reasonable subset by release
> time.

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