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Re: Constituion - current status


On 06-Nov-98 Guy Maor wrote:
> leader@debian.org (Ian Jackson - Debian Project Leader) writes:
>>  Pretty much anyone can force a vote   (Darren Benham)
>>  Removal of SPI section                (Ian Jackson) 
>>  Trivial changes provision             (Ian Jackson) 
>>  Change `seconder' to `sponsor'        (Ian Jackson) 
> I will confirm all but the second of these.  The first, third, and
> fourth seem benign.  The second can be voted on independently.
> I actually mistook the last test-vote as the actual vote.  So I'd like
> to call the vote now.  Mr. Secretary, how do I do this?
Say "I call the vote"  :)   and since you said you'd like to, I'll
consider it called.  Since IWJ indicated he's rethinking the SPI
wording, we'll consider the amendment withdrawn and it'll have to go though
different (and unfortunatly tougher) channels when the time comes... unless iwj
has his new wording by Saturday night.

I'll need to update the pgp-ring used by vote and then I'll post the CFV then.

Sound good?

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