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Re: Master is still *really* slow:-/

m* <mark@mail.novare.net> writes:

> the statistics your are providing, as well as your complaints :>, are
> exactly what i need to take to the table when i confront(?) our ISP
> and Savvis regarding this issue.
> as far as i am concerend you are my "customers" and as a customer
> you deserve to have your concerns addressed and acted upon.

Thanks Mark.

> if you/i/we can continue to collect a few more traceroute/ping reports
> ( if only to provide a chronological record ) and complaints :o
> i will happily request that our ISP and Savvis investigate the
> cause of packet loss and link degradation.

Initially, what triggerred my invistigations/complaints is while
interactive TCP connections are more or less ok, bulk TCP
throughput differs on the direction:
  o Sending a file to master is fine: sustained packet activity
  o Receiving a file from master is quite bad: the traffic is very

That seems to suit the mtr logs where most of the packet loss happens
with packet coming from master.

Any others having the same experience ?


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