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Re: Intent to package PTL

On Tue, 3 Nov 1998, Dima Barsky wrote:

> Anthony> I intent to package PTL, the Portable Thread Library, it is LGPL. 
> Anthony> ... Currently supported architectures/machines are: 
> Anthony> 
> Anthony>  Dec alpha/OSF1 DEC threads. (Native DCE threads) 
> Anthony>  Dec alpha/OSF1 MIT Pthread (Pthread-1.60-b4 from C. Provenzano 
> Anthony>  Sun Sparc/SunOs4.1.3 MIT Pthread (Pthread-1.60-b4 from C. Provenzano)
> Anthony>  Sun Sparc/SunOs4.1.3 LWP threads (Native user level SunOS threads) 
> Anthony>  Sun Sparc/Solaris Pthreads (Native kernel Solaris threads) 
> What, no Linux?
> Dima.

well i am contacting the author to do the linux port.
The linux port isn't a problem, the problem is that PTL doesn't use
autoconf, automake, it use only make file with config files which are
pretty ugly.

PTL presents several advantages over omnithread that comes with omniorb.

Now i am waiting for an answer from the author.

if he doesn't want to use autoconf, i will fork PTL and maintain an
autoconf version myself. i found this wrapper useful for one of my project
but i will never use a bloated makefile configuration like PTL's.

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