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Re: Intent to package PTL

Anthony> I intent to package PTL, the Portable Thread Library, it is LGPL. 
Anthony> ... Currently supported architectures/machines are: 
Anthony>  Dec alpha/OSF1 DEC threads. (Native DCE threads) 
Anthony>  Dec alpha/OSF1 MIT Pthread (Pthread-1.60-b4 from C. Provenzano 
Anthony>  Sun Sparc/SunOs4.1.3 MIT Pthread (Pthread-1.60-b4 from C. Provenzano)
Anthony>  Sun Sparc/SunOs4.1.3 LWP threads (Native user level SunOS threads) 
Anthony>  Sun Sparc/Solaris Pthreads (Native kernel Solaris threads) 

What, no Linux?


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