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No Admintool for debian?


Is there nobody who cares that Debian has no admin-tool like other big
distributions have (RedHat or SuSe, btw I do NOT want to start a
discussion about the useability of YaST or anything like that !!!)

I'm very impressed by the features of linuxconf. But the Package in
projekts/experimental destroys my /etc/init.d scripts and is out of date.
There is a new upstream-release.

Unfortunatly I'm not able to build a NMU because don't understand how to
use the debian-packaging tools (yet). But I want to help to make a stable
package of linuxconf. i.e. extensive testing :-)

The only problem is to reach the maintainer.

IMHO Debian should have a easy-to-use but secure admintool. In my opinion
linuxconf is a very good one and we should have it in next release
(potato :-))

P.S. Maybe someone can tell me how use the debian-packaging tools.

BTW. Discussion about an Admintool for Debian should take place in the
Debian-Admintool-List. Please check where your replies go to!!!!!!!

P.P.S.: Sorry for my (bad) English.

Heute ist nicht alle Tage, ich komme wieder, keine Frage!!!


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