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Re: Loss of color on console in nethack with ncurses 4.2

>I'm at a loss myself. Now that we've moved to ncurses 4.2 from 3.4,
>nethack's color support on the Linux console no longer works. I've
>recompiled Nethack against 4.2 and although color works in an xterm,

IME (with the xterm from hamm), NetHack in an xterm produces very funny
colours; as if the BGR/RGB test in win/tty/termcap.c had produced the
wrong answer. I was investigating this prior to reporting a bug, but now
it's come up anyway...

Also, NetHack no longer uses black-on-white for black objects (I think
this is a 3.2.2 ism), where appropriate; and it often uses a dark black
for highlighted objects like the pet.
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