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Re: cc'ing (was Re: Mozilla goes GTK+ instead of Qt)

Quoting Steve Lamb (morpheus@teleute.ml.org):
> On 02 Nov 1998 08:12:07 +1300, Carey Evans wrote:
> >> Want to know what is most commonly missing from Linux MUAs?  Decent
> >> ability to handle multiple accounts from *INSIDE* the application.
> >OK.  I haven't needed this.  All my mail gets sorted into particular
> >folders and all my replies come from the same address.
>     Most people don't and it appears that the authors of the MUAs are still
> stuck on the idea that the user will want only one mail account because they
> can either log in elsewhere or hack their way around it.  That leaves the
> people who do have multiple accounts with a lot more work than is needed.

Work? What kind of work? I can't seem to figure out what you need for
"multiple account support."

>     No, it doesn't do threading.  It is one of the most common requested
> features, however.  I don't use threading and have never missed it.  I find
> that sorting by "new/old" mail, then by subject, then by time (ascending)
> keeps the conversation together quite nicely so long as everyone sets their
> TZ.

It's hard to really understand how much threading buys you until you've
used it for a while. It's like multi-color quote highlighting: at first
I thought it was a gimmick, until I learned how much easier it is to
follow a conversation when each participant's words are in a different
color--now I couldn't live without it.

Mike Stone

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