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Re: cc'ing (was Re: Mozilla goes GTK+ instead of Qt)

"Steve Lamb" <morpheus@teleute.ml.org> writes:

> The only one not present is GNUS which isn't an MUA, it is a lisp
> script for a bloated editor which I refuse to install on my machine.

Just because you install XEmacs or Emacs doesn't mean you have to edit
files with it - I use nvi for that most of the time.  I'd install it
just for Gnus.  Oh yeah, :-).

Maybe W3 deserves that comment, but I do use it when Netscape will
take too long to load and I want colours or graphics.

> Want to know what is most commonly missing from Linux MUAs?  Decent
> ability to handle multiple accounts from *INSIDE* the application.

OK.  I haven't needed this.  All my mail gets sorted into particular
folders and all my replies come from the same address.

> Want something else that Linux MUAs almost universially lack?
> Decent support for multiple file folders and the ability to easily
> traverse them as well as know which ones have new mail and which
> ones don't.

Gnus is excellent, and it sounds like mutt does a good job too.

Does PMMail do threading?  By not supporting the References header, it
makes your posts the only ones I've noticed since Bruce Perens that
don't get arranged properly for me.  If it's not *sorting* posts by
that header, it must make things a lot more difficult for you than
they need to be.

And it obviously makes things difficult elsewhere, by not supporting
posts to email lists any differently from wide replies.

> Lack of decent IMAP support is an all around problem for all MUAs
> with, get this, Outlook Express and Outlook98 being the best IMAP
> I've found, even beating out Pine.  Ironic, don't you think?

Gnus has a passable IMAP implmentation that I use to read mail off the 
Notes server at work.  I suppose I should fix the most annoying bug.

I don't quite see the irony, that a big company with thousands (tens
of thousands?) of programmers can produce the slickest mail reader.

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        "Well, we don't get cable, so we have to make our own fun."

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