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Re: cc'ing (was Re: Mozilla goes GTK+ instead of Qt)

>>"Steve" == Steve Lamb <morpheus@teleute.ml.org> writes:

 Steve> On 01 Nov 1998 03:13:16 -600, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
 >> What would I set the reply to if not to the address to reply
 >> to me privately?

 Steve>     That is what from is for.

	Nope. from is for the addressthemail is coming from (needs to
 be that way to get out of the firewall, and is the right thing to do
 in the first place.

 >> Anyway, if people were using decent MUA's they would
 >> not have to bitch and moan about trimming addresses (hint: I used
 >> group reply, and I did not have to trimn anything)

 Steve>     Too bad there isn't a single decent MUA for Linux.

	This, you know, is bullshit. In any case, this discussion
 generally get nowhere -- so I'm going to stop wasting my time.

 There is a difference between "celibate" and simply "not getting
 any". It's like the difference between "fast" and "starve".  After
 all of Esther's posts, I still can't figure out exactly which
 category she fits into.  Let's see if I can make this plain.  Esther:
 If Mel Gibson offered you a doughnut, would you eat it?  Ajay Jain
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