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Re: status of fwtk?

On Fri, Oct 30, 1998 at 07:49:28PM +0100, Jordan Hrycaj wrote:
> OK, I will have a look at it the next days. Do you know already what the
> copyright policy is? What would it mean just applying a part of the fwtk 
> 2.0? 

It is not a patch by TIS but by some researchers. So I guess it's free.
They published it as part of a written publication.

> As I see, it would even be more interesting thinking of patch a in combination
> with squid. The problem with the TIS application gateway is, that it forks a
> process for each connection which is not feasible for a larger site. So
> implementing an application gateway filter would be - an easier task, though -
> just the first step towards a more realistic solution.
> For more than a year I worked (and patched) with the 1.1 series of squid 
> on a larger scale and just switched to the 2.0 version. I feel that this 
> would be the appropriate task to implement such a filter, here. There was
> some discussion going on in the squid mailing list about these things.
> Maybe I just ask these folks.

Sounds great.

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