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Re: Screen sickness (was: Apt UI design)

Joseph Carter wrote:
> $ open wvdial
> $ open wvdial
> $ open -s wvdial
> $ open -c 10 wvdial
> $ open -s -c 10 wvdial
> $ su -c 'open -s -c 10 wvdial'
> Guess which one worked?  The others didn't even echo back an error message. 
> However sometimes they work too.  Sometimes though, they do not.

Open requires that you have rw permissions on the next free tty. That's
unlikley given debian's default tty permissions. 

Open can be installed suid root, it's registered with suidregister, I just
don't install it suid root because I don't trust it too much. If installed
suid root, it won't have this problem. 

The lack of error messages was a bug - a "shouldn't happen" block of code
was triggered :-). I've added an error message to open 1.4-10.

see shy jo

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