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Re: developer status again

Ossama Othman wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry to bother the devel list with this but it's been close to two
> months since I applied for developer status but still haven't gotten any
> word.  I recently e-mailed new-maintainer@debian.org but received no
> reply.
> I realize that everyone is busy trying to get slink out the door, which
> is probably why I haven't heard anything about my status yet.  Sorry guys,
> I am getting a bit impatient but I completely understand that everyone is
> busy.  I just wanted Debian to know that I am still alive and that my ACE
> packages are ready (I hope :P).

 Two months!  I feel much better now.
 I've been waiting a little over 2 weeks and was starting to
 get impatient.  Looking at things relavtively, I feel much
 better now.

 Kinda like when Grampa used to tell me how he had to _walk_ to
 in the snow...
 against the wind...
 both ways...
 with no shoes...
 etc, etc.

 Anyway, I hope the slink/release madness ends soon so we can help
 to contribute.

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