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Re: Several questions to sgml-tools

On Thu, 29 Oct 1998, Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho wrote:

> > 1) How to mark portions of text which should be typed in
> >    larger/smaller font (HTML-Tag <font>)?
> > 2) How do I get centered text?
> > 3) How do I a simple line break (which should not start a
> >    new paragraph with vertical spacing)
> ...
> > 5) How can I introduce vertical spacing (more or less
> >    concerning to LaTeX output like \hfil)
> Why do you need these?  If it's just eye candy, you should forget it.
> SGML is about teaching the computer to know the structure of your
> text, not about teaching it how to typeset it.  Use style sheets - or
> whatever the equivalent is with sgml-tools - if you are concerned
> about the visual look of your typeset document.
May be I asked the wrong questions.  I had to ask _which_ style sheets
would give me the functionality I wish?
> Do you have some logical concepts you want to express with the points
> 1-3,5 above?
Think so.  The logical concept is based on my lazyness to update
three or more documentations for one and the same thing.  Thought
that sgml-tools (linuxdoc) where inteded to help in this case.

I started my design of a documentation with a HTML-page.

First step: write a SGML document that can produce (more or less
            exactly) this HTML-page.
Second step: derive from the same SGML document a readable (La)TeX
Third step: derive from the same SGML document a TexInfo document
Fourth step: derive from the same SGML document a manpage


May be my ideas of SGML show that I'm a bloody beginner but
I thought SGML gives the possibility of some literate programming
(DocBook) and deriving different file formats from the same

Do I expect to much if I want to produce HTML pages with a certain
layout (for instance centered text ... see question 2) and tell me
if centered text is an advanced feature ??) using sgml-tools.
Are the style sheets from sgml-tools to poor to get this functionality?

Any help appreciated


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