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Re: Program to find files which are not part of packages.


    doesn't the "cruft" package do exactly the same thing?
It's about 3 month I use it to clean my system...

On Thu, Oct 29, 1998 at 10:15:23AM +0000, Gordon Russell wrote:
> OK, a lot of people wanted the program to find files which do not belong
> to packages currently installed in the system... so I have included it
> as an attachment. If it turns into something useful, I will release it as
> a Debian package, but just now I see it as more as a producer of interesting
> results. Please do not feed the output directly into "rm"! For instance,
> /etc/passwd is not owned by any package. Deleting this might be considered
> bad!
> Please feel free to make changes to the code. If they are good, mail me them
> back and I will add them into the program. It is in c++, and as it is so small
> I have also included the executable...
> G.
> PS. You have to feed in the filenames you want to check on stdin. I couldn't
>     be bothered writing my own recursive find program, so I wrote it to
>     use the standard "find". E.g.
>     find /etc -xdev -print | ./dpkg-eliminate
>     Questionable files appear on stdout, and diagnostics on stderr. Make sure
>     that the filenames are absolute (beginning with /).
>     Enjoy!!
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> Gordon Russell
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