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Re: Large-scale debian installation, request help

>> I need to install Debian on about 50 intel machines with very different
>> hardware configurations (386/8MB/40MB to pentium/32MB/1.2 GB, different
>> network cards). All these machines need to have an identical
>> configuration. I would like IP addresses to be assigned automatically using
>> DHCP.
>I have no experience in large-scale installation so I cannot assist
>you there unfortunately. However, would you consider bootp instead of
>DHCP? BOOTP is more Unix-native (DHCP is a Microsoftism). Admittedly
>DHCP has some nice extensions to BOOTP, however since BOOTP always
>matches IP addresses to hardware (Ethernet) addresses, I think administration
>may well be easier. That is, BOOTP does not dynamically assign addresses
>from a pool, while DHCP does by default.
>DHCP is well suited when using Microsoft servers or Microsoft clients,
>but I would personally prefer BOOTP in a Unix-only environment.

I believe that the current DHCP servers do bootp too and enable you to run with
only static IPs if you want.  So if you have a DHCP server with static IPs and
bootp clients then you've got the same thing as a bootp server.
So what's the benefit in not running dhcpd?

I'll be in Denver from 30 Oct 1998 to 7 Nov 1998 (or maybe a few days longer).
I'll be in London from ~9 Nov 1998.  I'd like to meet any Linux users or
users groups in these places at these times.
I plan to work in London for 3 - 6 months...

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