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Re: Large-scale debian installation, request help

> Dan Jacobowitz wrote:
> > On Wed, Oct 28, 1998 at 03:17:09PM -0500, Sergey V Kovalyov wrote:
> > > 1) NFS does not live well with dhcp (at least dhcpcd package) because nfs
> > > mounts the filesystems BEFORE dhcpcd is launched. May be there is another
> > > alternative ?
> > 
> > Perhaps we need to move dhcpcd earlier in the init sequence?
> NFS root mount is before boot. Ie, before init is run.

NFS-root is discussed in appropriate HOWTO and probably solvable by some
other means.
I meant a simpler situation - non-root partitions are nfs-mounted. That
should be fixable by starting dhcpcd before "mount -a" (wherever that


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