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Several questions to sgml-tools


I tried to start with linuxdoc to get a little bit better
documentation for my paul package.  After reading the
introduction and studying the example I tried to translate
my paul.html file to smgl.  I hoped to get a reasonable
html file back and furthermore to get a manpage, info files
and LaTeX-able output.  But several questions remaind open.

Is there anybody who can point me to some document which gives
answers to the following questions:

1) How to mark portions of text which should be typed in
   larger/smaller font (HTML-Tag <font>)?
2) How do I get centered text?
3) How do I a simple line break (which should not start a
   new paragraph with vertical spacing)
4) How can I insert informations which should pass untouched 
   only to the HTML output.
   For instance a keyword section like:
      <meta name="keywords" content="Paul Debian">
5) How can I introduce vertical spacing (more or less
   concerning to LaTeX output like \hfil)
6) How can I split one SGML source over several input
   documents (LaTeX equivalent \input{foo}\input{bar})

  Is DocBook the answer of all my questions?

Kind regards


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