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Re: Mozilla goes GTK+ instead of Qt

I guess this is interesting news also for Debian.

Eric Wood wrote:
> Now that it's official, the new netscape communication 5.0 will be
> written using the GTK+ toolkit which probably wouldn't take too much
> more work to make it a full fledged GNOME application.
> I was at the Atlanta Linux show last weekend and I talked to a few Corel
> gurus and they are talking about porting everything over the GTK+. 
> Corel was going to port all their apps using Motif but they are
> realizing that GTK+ is very very powerful.  Corel also is going to
> support the WINE project to get native Windows apps to run immediately.
> What's the lastest on the Qt port of Communication?
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> -Eric Wood
> MIS Director



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