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Re: Files which do not belong to installed packages...

On Wed, Oct 28, 1998 at 02:19:07PM +0000, Gordon Russell wrote:
> I was pretty bored today, so I wrote a C program to analyse the files
> installed on my Debian machine, using the data contained in dpkg, 
> diversions, and alternatives. I thought it would be a good way to
> avoid having to reinstall my system every year so that I get my disks
> cleared out of all the trash which sometimes collects in system
> directories. However, I was rather surprised by the result... I have
> hundreds of files which do not belong to installed packages!

Well, /var is designed for that, of course. However, last time I checked,
a basic install (base system + dselect defaults) did not install
a kernel-image package, so the kernel itself does not belong to a package!


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