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Re: Screen sickness (was: Apt UI design)

On Tue, Oct 27, 1998 at 08:32:40PM -0800, Steve Lamb wrote:
> >> I know. Try producing cntl-A someday when you are running screen across
> >> a minicom link. IIRC you will need to do "cntl-A cntl-A A". Yuck.
> >try resuming screens inside of screens inside of screen sometime..  whoa.
>     Sickest thing to do with screen...
> At the console activate F1-F12. (12)
> Run SplitVT in each one. (24)
> Run Screen in each and create all 10 screens. (240)
>     Simple to control, hard to remember.  I'm gonna have to do that one day
> just to see what the memory requirements are.  ;)

um, you can have screens inside screens inside screens...  How many vts you
want anyway?  <g>

Show me the code or get out of my way.

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