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Screen sickness (was: Apt UI design)

On Tue, 27 Oct 1998 20:29:00 -0800, Joseph Carter wrote:

>> I know. Try producing cntl-A someday when you are running screen across
>> a minicom link. IIRC you will need to do "cntl-A cntl-A A". Yuck.

>try resuming screens inside of screens inside of screen sometime..  whoa.

    Sickest thing to do with screen...

At the console activate F1-F12. (12)
Run SplitVT in each one. (24)
Run Screen in each and create all 10 screens. (240)

    Simple to control, hard to remember.  I'm gonna have to do that one day
just to see what the memory requirements are.  ;)

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