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Intent to package mig-i386-gnu

I intent to package a cross GNU mig for Linux.

MIG stands for "Mach 3.0 interface generator". This tool is needed to
compile the gnumach and hurd distributions, and to compile GNU libc for
the Hurd.

Since this is a cross-mig (to do cross-compilation), the binary package is
called "mig-i386-gnu" (the "i386-gnu" thing is the "architecture
specification string").

Since not everybody will want to cross-compile gnumach, hurd, or libc for
the Hurd, the package will have "extra" priority (like gcc-i386-gnu).

[ A future native mig package for GNU/Hurd will surely have standard
  priority, the same way bin86 has standard priority in GNU/Linux ].


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