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Re: dh_gencontrol -a fails for more than one package?

> This isn't really a debhelper problem, it's weirdness in how dpkg-shlibdeps
> works.
> ...
> The short of it is if a package doesn't contain shared libraries of
> binaries, a ${shlibs:Depends} line will not work for it. I suppose I could
> make debhelper work around this, but it's really an infelicity in how
> dpkg-shlibdeps works. To fix, simply remove the ", ${shlibs:Depends}" from
> wordnet-dev's Depends: line.
Thanks.  Roman Hodek gave me the sam hint and it is done.

Another question is:  WHat could be the reason if dh_compress refuses
to compress files un /ust/doc/<package> (No I don't mean the copyright
file!).  I could do this by hand after or instead of calling dh_compress
but I think this is not the intention of the deb_helper utilities.

Kind regards


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