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Ok, I have a few things I'd like to ask about Slib (the scheme lib).

First of all, I see that there is a new upstream version.  This looks
like an easy enough thing to package.  Would anyone mind if I release
the new package?  I think Jim has plenty to do as it is...:->

Second - if I do this, I need to find out where on earth these
packages are:

slib.texi:3826: @include htmlform.txi: No such file or directory.
slib.texi:3893: @include obj2str.txi: No such file or directory.

I haven't found anything on altavista or dejanews, and am not that
familiar with texinfo, tex, or info...

David Welton                         http://www.efn.org/~davidw

		 --Debian GNU/Linux--

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