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Re: Lots of packages with unneeded dependencies.

> > > I'd be surprised if any serios C++ program worked without libstdc++!
> >  Surprise! lftp is a very nice OO ftp client, and it works. And I have done
> > what I stated in the previous email for a long time!
> lftp has source code that make almost no use of any C++ features.

 So do most other C++ using packages! =)
 (And that if you think that designing everything around the object concept
doesn't imply using C++ features...(!))

> >  Yep. But with those options you gen smaller code. Period.
> Smaller buy maybe 1% or less these days. Certainly not a big deal.

 Agreed. I need those options to prevent g++ from adding unneeded references
to libsdtc++.

> >  Read it again. I'm forcing make to only *relink* the binaries. I specify
> > gcc because I like lftp to be linked against the normal C libraries only.
> GNU compilers link with a private static libary 'libgcc.a' by using the
> wrong linker you will link with the wrong library for the compiler and
> strange things may happen - I certainly would not do it. (Incidently
> libgcc.a has some of the exception handling code in it) 
> If you want to do that then you should set LDFLAGS as,
> LDFLAGS="-nostdlib -lc"
> And use g++

 It's not so simple. I guess you would need to specify the right libgcc, and
probably the crt*.o objects! What I do now works, and have worked fine for a

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