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Re: Lots of packages with unneeded dependencies.

> >  The libstdc++ library is only required if the program uses templates,
> > exceptions or some other new feature of the compiler. Most C++ programs
> > don't, and can be built without needing this library. My package lftp (C++)
> > is an example.
> Actually this is almost completely wrong :> libstdc++ contains the IO
> stream classes which are used by almost every C++ program that does simple
> console IO (cout, cerr, etc). It contains the C++ string class which is
> used by many modern programs for string handling. It may contain support
> functions for exception handling and RTTI but I think many of those might
> be staticly linked..

 That's right. So, if a program does not use any of those features should
not be linked against libstdc++.

> Template functions and classes are compiler generated and do not require
> the library, exceptions (save for the possibility of the helper functions)
> do not require the library either. RTTI will use the library as the
> typename base class is in there.

 You are wrong. Some of those features need library support.

> I'd be surprised if any serios C++ program worked without libstdc++!

 Surprise! lftp is a very nice OO ftp client, and it works. And I have done
what I stated in the previous email for a long time!

> >  1) Compile with -fno-rtti -fno-exceptions, this will also save some space.
> Some programs use rtti and some programs use exceptions. The space savings
> from RTTI is trivial enough that I don't worry however exceptions can have
> a huge overhead sometimes. The newest egcs seems substantially better
> however to the point that I'm not concerned :>

 Yep. But with those options you gen smaller code. Period.

> >  2) In debian/rules, just after `make' remove the binaries built, and
> > run `make CPP=cc'. 
> > 
> >  Example from lftp's debian/rules:
> > 
> >         make CXXFLAGS="-O -Wall -fno-exceptions -fno-rtti"
> >         rm src/lftp src/ftpget
> >         make -C src CXX=gcc CXXFLAGS="-O -Wall -fno-exceptions -fno-rtti"
>                      ^^^^^^^^^
> Don't you dare! I can't imagine that actually -works-! The Debian C++
> compiler is g++ (or c++ or eg++) which happens to map to EGCS 1.1. The
> Debian C compiler is gcc which is GCC 2.7 compiling c++ binaries with the
> old gcc should be advoided as much as possible, especially since the old
> compiler cannot understand the include files in libstdc++2.8/2.9 and
> cannot generate compatible binaries.

 Read it again. I'm forcing make to only *relink* the binaries. I specify
gcc because I like lftp to be linked against the normal C libraries only.

> You'll actually find that egcs generates substantially smaller binaries
> than gcc in alot of cases.  Just to illistrate a point here are the sizes
> for APT compiled with eg++ 1.0 (hamm),
>    text    data     bss     dec     hex filename   
>   97563   28828     176  126567   1ee67 /usr/bin/apt-get 
>   75173   22324     148   97645   17d6d /usr/bin/apt-cache 
> Here are the sizes for eg++ 1.1 (slink),
>    text    data     bss     dec     hex filename
>   43667    6484     420   50571    c58b apt-get
>   29660    4348     116   34124    854c apt-cache  
> Notice a slight difference? :> -fno-exceptions makes a small but not
> really worthwhile reduction in size.

 Very interesting, but that wasn't the point of my message.

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