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Re: We need easier installation.

And how.  It is very inconvenient to have to go through the text-mode
configuration question-and-answer interspersed with byte-code
compilation and other time-consuming tasks. 

> gimp: <descript>
> Application: Develop graphics for a variety of purposes, web pages, icons,
> backgrounds, photo touch-up, etc
> blah, blah, blah

This could be addressed by clarifying package descriptions or by
adding a new field


> I know the first response is going to be: Ah! then we are like redhat.
> But I think more of this depends on how well we implement it.  If it is
> done well, I think it will be a big boost to our usablity.  How many times
> have you installed a package, only to find out it wasn't what you thought
> it would be like?  

What we care about is ease of use.  If RedHat has some good ideas,
let's use 'em.  

> I think having a million packages is awesome, I wouldn't want it any other
> way.  There is a use for every single one of those.  I want more!  But I
> think in all reality, a way to sift through them would be beneficial to
> the distribution.

I think that the preconfigured sets are supposed to do this, but we
need to have a better handle on these setups.  It is very handy to be
able to select a group of packages to install and to be able to
reproduce this installation on other machines.

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