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Re: Logo license again

Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

> The text is so short, I quote it here:

> "Just van Rossum, hereafter referred to as THE DESIGNER, herewith grants
> anyone using Python (THE USER) the right to use the above shown logo
> (THE LOGO), containing the slogan "Python Powered" (THE SLOGAN), for the
> sole purpose to promote the Python Programming Language (PYTHON) and
> nothing else.

I think "promote" is too strong, and possibly too ambiguous.  Would the
use of the Debian logo in the xscreensaver package be considered
promoting Debian?  How about use at Slashdot?  Is Rob only going to be
allowed to use the Debian logo on articles that put a positive spin on

I think we should rather look at how other more established
organizations (public and private) protect their logos.  Note, for
example, that IBM just granted Slashdot the right to use their logo for
IBM stories.  We're supposed to be a shining example of freedom in the
software world -- do we really want our logo to be less free than
IBM's?!  :-)
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